After successful Auction, Donald Trump to Operate Kluge Winery
Charlottesville, VA 

The state-of-the art facilities of the Kluge Estate Winery & Vineyards in Charlottesville, VA were sold at a tremendously successful Harry Davis & Company public auction on April 8, 2011. Well over 200 registered bidders from around the world participated in the sale, including over 100 bidding online.

Donald Trump, who had purchased the real estate the previous day, was a major purchaser at the equipment auction as well. Mr. Trump plans to operate the winery and expects to make a smooth transition from the previous owners.

It is always our goal to secure the best outcome for both the buyers and sellers at our auctions. Following the Kluge sale, Aaron Morgenstern, Managing Director of Harry Davis & Company, received the following letter from our client:


Before too much time passes, I want to thank you and your firm for the outstanding, and thoroughly professional, job you did in conducting the Auction of the Kluge Estate Vineyard and Winery Equipment, and the Bulk Wine Inventory.

The sale was exceptionally well-advertised, well-organized, and conducted in a streamlined, understandable method. You took a complex situation and rendered it understandable for all bidders, organized the wine tastings so we had very competitive bidding on the bulk wine - - just everything you did was intelligently done. 

You were pushy and aggressive (with us, and with the other auction firm) where you needed to be; and the heart of discretion when that was needed as well. …  I was worried about Friday’s sale. Instead, the results surpassed all of our expectations. 

I was especially impressed at how quickly your firm went from 0 to 100 MPH on preparing for the sale. From the time I called you and said, “Would you be willing to conduct this sale?” to the sale itself was only about 6 weeks. We gave you very short notice, but no one could  have told that from the organization of your sale ads and Website, and on-site materials, and your conduct of the sale itself.  

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Bill Shmidheiser
Lenhart Obenshain, PC
Harrisonburg, Virginia