ONLINE & ON-SITE AUCTION: Fruit Processing Facility

Yakima Fruit Works
8100 Postma Road - Moxee, WA 98936
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 9am PDT


Yakima Fruit Works 


A Harry Davis & Company ON-SITE and ONLINE Auction Sale


Wednesday May 3, 2017 at 9am PT


8100 Postma Road, Moxee, WA 98936


INSPECTION: Tuesday May 2, 2017 from 10am - 3pm



Full payment is due by on-site buyers on day of sale and by online buyers on receipt of invoice.  Payments must be in U.S. funds by cashier’s check or company check with bank guarantee payable to Harry Davis LLC, or, with prior approval, by wire transfer to Harry Davis LLC account. CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL TERMS OF SALE THAT APPLY TO THIS SALE.  ADDITIONAL TERMS MAY BE ANNOUNCED AT SALE THAT SHALL APPLY.  

Yakima Fruit Works


DCI 2,000 Gallon S/S Processors


(3) DCI 2,000 Gallon Dome-Top Dish-Bottom Jacketed S/S Processor Tanks, each with Vertical Bottom-Sweep Agitation, S/S Dual-CIP Spray Balls, S/S Baffles and Tank Ladders

APV Evaporator and Pasteurizer


APV Skid-Mounted Evaporator : SN 112-00186, Operated at 2 Gallons Per Minute Water Removal Rate, Including: S/S Calandria, 30" APV Separator, APV Plate Heat Exchanger with (64) S/S Plates, Centrifugal Pumps and Sterling Vacuum Pump, Steam and Pressure Regulators, Assorted S/S Valves and S/S Control Cabinet with Allen Bradley Controls


APV 1,200 Gallons Per Hour Skid-Mounted Pasteurizer Including: 4-Zone S/S Frame Plate Heat Exchanger with (77) S/S Plates (31, 20, 16 and 10), 50 Gallon S/S Balance Tank with Lid, Waukesha Cherry Burrell Size 60 Positive Displacement Timing Pump with Gear Reducer and 5 HP 1,680 RPM Motor, Hot Water Centrifugal Pump with 2 HP 1,750 RPM Motor, 4-Pass 8' x 2" S/S Holding Tube (Adjustable 30 Second Holding Time), Piccolo-Style S/S Heat Exchanger, APV 3-Way 2" S/S Air Valve, APV S/S 3-Way Plug Valves, APV Pressure Gauges, Washdown Control Panel with Telemecanique Alitvar 31 Adjustable Speed Drive Controller and Chart Recorder, Skid Dimensions = 99" Width x 71" Depth x 104" Height


Cherry Burrell Skid-Mounted S/S Frame Plate Heat Exchanger Model 435SBL-1, Mounted on S/S Frame


Enerquip 9' S/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger and (2) 42" S/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

S/S Hot Break Tank and S/S Blend Tanks


L & A Engineering and Equipment 1,900 Gallon S/S Hot Break Tank with Vertical Heated Dual-Coil Agitation, Mounted on S/S Frame


2,150 Gallon Dome-Top Sloped-Bottom S/S Tank


1,765 Gallon Dome-Top Dish-Bottom S/S Tank with Vertical Agitation, (4) S/S Baffles and S/S CIP Spray Ball


500 Gallon Dual Hinged-Lid Cone-Bottom S/S Tank with Vertical Agitation


(3) 500 Gallon S/S Tanks with High-Shear Vertical Agitation and Lightnin’-Style Agitation


300 Gallon 2-Compartment S/S Tank


(2) 175 Gallon S/S Tanks

Ultra-Filtration and Powder Blending


Ultra-Filtration System Including: (4) 4" x 8' S/S Vessels Containing (2) Membranes Each, (8) 1.5" S/S Butterfly Valves, Pressure and Temperature Gauges


12 Cubic Foot S/S Ribbon Blender Mounted on S/S Frame with 44" x 48" S/S Platform and Stairs


S/S Powder Blending Table with (2) Centrifugal Pumps, Mounted on Portable S/S Frame

48" x 24" S/S Platform with Step, 19" Clearance


Ultra-Filtration Pilot Unit with (1) 4' S/S Vessel (1 Membrane), Mounted on Portable S/S Base


S/S Powder Coating Tumbler with Drive



Central Weigh Model BHT23A Scale Filler : SN 3170204, with (2) Load Cell Measuring Devices, (3) Vibratory Feeders and Einstein Controller, Runs up to 25 Batches per Minute


Lock Metalchek 2" Pipeline Metal Detector with Reject Valve, Mounted on S/S Frame


Bel Pressure Sensitive Case Taper Model 150, Mounted on Casters


S/S Frame 48" and 60” Rotary Pack-Off Tables


10' Length S/S Frame UV Light Conveyor with 12" Width Belting and Sani-Ray Model RRD-36-2S


Ultraviolet Light


Video Jet 43S Single-Head Ink Jet Coder, Mounted on Portable S/S Base


Apolo Solid-Ink Coding Continuous Band Sealer Model CBS1010-C1, Mounted on Portable Height-Adjustable S/S Base

Positive Displacement Pumps, S/S Diaphragm Pumps and Centrifugal Pumps, Mounted on Portable S/S Carts


Waukesha Cherry Burrell Size 130, Size 060 and Size 030 Positive Displacement Pumps, S/S Diaphragm Pumps, Fristam Centrifugal Pumps Models FPX742-180 and FPX-115, Waukesha Cherry Burrell Centrifugal Pump Model 2065HV, Waukesha Cherry Burrell Centrifugal Pump Model 2065LV, APV Puma Centrifugal Pump Size 2"-2"-9", Centrifugal Pump with 3 HP 1,765 RPM Motor, MORE

Large Array S/S Fittings & Line Items & Scales


S/S Inline Filters, Koltek 3-Way S/S Plug Valves, S/S Butterfly Valves, Anderson S/S Level Sensors Model SE110891, S/S Load Cells, Assorted S/S Pressure Gauges, Tel-Tru S/S Thermometers, Assorted S/S Elbows, Assorted S/S Reducers, Assorted S/S Tees, S/S Sample Valves, S/S Clamps & Caps, NEW Assorted Rubber Gaskets, S/S Magnetic Traps, S/S Pressure Overflow Valves, S/S CIP Spray Balls, 2-Way S/S Tank Air Valves, Tri Clover S/S Air-Actuated Butterfly Valve with Control Tops, 2.5" 3-Way S/S Air Valves, Mettler Toledo 125 LB and 100 LB Capacity Tabletop and Floor Scales, Rice Lake 10,000 LB Capacity Platform Scale, Product Transfer Hoses



Parker 115 HP Natural Gas Fired Boiler Model 105-115, 125 Max PSI, 4,830,000 BTU/HR


Boiler Water Feed Skid Including (2) Circulation Pumps and 200 Gallon Tank

350 Gallon Capacity Parker Boiler Vertical Air Blow Down Tank, 125 Max PSI


York 25-Ton Chiller Model LCHA25-46E


Custom Care Water Technologies 2-Tank Water Softener


Atlas Copco 20 HP Screw Air Compressor, 127 Max PSI, with 120 Gallon Horizontal Air Receiver

Material Handling


Hyster 4,800 LB Capacity Propane Forklift Model S50XM, with Side Shift, 3-Stage Mast, 189" Max Reach and Solid Tires


Komatsu 4,690 LB Capacity Gasoline Powered Forklift Model FG 25T-8, with Side Shift and Air-Filled Tires, 128" Max Reach


Magliner 16,000 LB Capacity Mobile Dock Lift Ramp Model ME-16-70-36-6L


(5) 5,550 LB Capacity Pallet Jacks


Valley Craft 1,500 LB Capacity Forklift Barrel Attachment Model 3818


NEW 48" x 48" Wood Pallets and 40" x 48" Wood Pallets



(18) MacroBin 33 Plastic Bins, Dimensions = 45" x 48" x 30" Height, each with Plastic Cover


NEW SpaceKraft 330 Gallon Containers Item # 8100027 and NEW SpaceKraft 330 Gallon Cassettes Item # 6200134, with (3) Shrouds


NEW SpaceKraft 275 Gallon Containers Item # 8100024 and NEW SpaceKraft 275 Gallon Cassettes & Shrouds Item # 7000107


(150+) 55 Gallon Steel Drums, each with Lid and Ring


55 Gallon Plastic Barrels, each with Lid and Ring


Hercules Industries High Level Hydraulic Barrel Dumper



(4) Full Pallets of 20 Kilogram Bags Axiom Foods Pea Protein Isolate, 80%


DSM Validase BAA 1000L Enzyme in 20 KG Drums

Maintenance Shop


Troy-Bilt 8000 Watt Portable Gasoline Powered Generator with Briggs and Stratton 15 HP Engine, Shark Portable Hot Water Pressure Washer Model SGP-303037, 3,000 PSI, Honda GC 190 Gasoline Powered Pressure Washer, Jobox 36" and 48” Heavy Duty Chests, Miller Econotig Welder Stock # 903367, with Portable Cart, Miller Spectrum 875 Plasma Cutter, Lincoln Electric PowerMig 180C Welder with Tank and Cart, (2) Acetalyene Torches each with Cart and (2) Tanks, Fasco Super Cat Blower



Over 8,000’ S/S Piping, Siemens and Toshiba Variable Frequency Drives, Barrel Dollies, S/S Platforms and Ladders, NEW Zurn Aquasense Sensor Lavatory Faucets Model Z6915, Control Panels with Variable Frequency Drives, 3-Phase 240 Volt Starters Mounted in Control Panels, Bug Lights, S/S Sinks, Food-Grade Magnets, Portable Foamers and over (200) Bargreen Ellingson S/S Hotel Pans, 4" Depth